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Sauna Rocks Vulcanite
Sauna Rocks Vulcanite
Sauna Rocks Vulcanite
Sauna Rocks Vulcanite

Sauna Rocks Vulcanite

SKU: UNS-2990-10
Price: $42.50
$49.99 22# Box 5 in stock
$63.99 33# Box 5 in stock
$74.99 50# Box 5 in stock
$87.99 66# Box 5 in stock
$98.99 70# Box 5 in stock
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Package Size 
22# Box
33# Box
50# Box
66# Box
70# Box
Vulcanite Heater Stones are available in these package sizes:
22#, 33#, 50#, 66#, and 70# boxes (approx)

Some Important Notes About our Vulkanite Heater Stones
  • Good heater stones for a heater must exhibit the following characteristics:
  • They must be able to withstand high temperatures and significant heat fluctuations.
  • They cannot create dust or discharge any odors.
  • They must sufficiently deliver the heat, grab water and prevent the dripping of water. In other words, an uneven surface is preferable as opposed to an even one.
  • Stones must be large enough so that the air can circulate well between the stones and so that the elements to operate efficiently.
  • Heater stones must hold heat well. Once the room reaches temperature, a rock that holds the heat well will use less energy to stay hot, yet produce wonderful steam.
  • All sauna heater stones should be recommended and tested by the heater manufacturer. Our Vulkanite stones are fully tested heater stones that contain no harmful VOC’s

Please note there are additional shipping charges for this item.

Boxes are filled by volume measurement not exact weight, actual weight may vary slightly.

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