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The beautiful rugs we offer today are woven in Sweden on the mechanized looms created in the early twentieth century. These rugs don't move around on your wood or ceramic floors, lay very flat to the floor so doors open easily over them, are tightly woven so dirt doesn't pass through to the floor, and they will hold their vibrant colors for many years to come! The fact that they can be machine-washed and hung to dry makes them all the more desirable! Personally I have seen these rugs that are 25 years old and look like new
Swedish Vinyl Woven Rugs
Made in Sweden PVC plastic ribbon woven into rugs produces a non-slip, dirt resistant, slip resistant, fade resistant and extremely durable rugs, which can be used virtually everywhere. Besides being great indoors, they are a complement to your patio or pool & hot tub area as well.
Falun Design -

A - Mauve # 7b
B - Blue # 3a
C - Green # 1

Almby Design -
A - #1 light tan/green
B - #1A dark tan/green
C - #3 colonial blue
D - #6 dark brown/beige
E - #16 light tan/white
Approximate in Inches
27 x 33 - $40.00                27 x 45 - $50.00
27 x 54 - $65.00                27 x 88 - $100.00
Various Styles Welcome mats are availiable for purchase on-line.
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Due to current large demand for larger area Swedish Made Rugs UpNorth Sundries cannot guarantee immediate availability of every style/color/sizes. For this reason we recommend you call in your order to check on current stock.
Smaller Doormat size rugs are more readily available and are
                                included in our on-line catalog here
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